Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another one bites the dust

It must be a thing with me and the home computers.  Well, Im hoping it stays with the home computers.  This time its D’s gaming laptop that has decided its done.

*sigh – so not happy here!

Onward and onward

Today was spent at the new water park, Evergreen Wind and Water in McMinnville, OR.  It was fun before it became packed with people.  Just dont believe its worth the $30 per person admission. (yes, $30 for 4 water slides, a wave pool and one of those dump bucket jungle gym thingies)

DL is SO wanting to go back for more but Im thinking more towards The Great Lodge where the cost of the park is included in with the room.  For a weekend we four can get water logged and sleep very close by :)

As far as stitching goes I havent added many x’s in.  I did restart Love by Bent Creek that will be a wedding sampler.

Im trying to get projects in the fair this year but the wedding (for the above sampler) is over the same weekend I need to drop off the projects.  Will have to see what I can work out…


  1. I have never been to water park...ok I went to one once when my middle daughter was a few months old. I went with a friend who had a baby the same age. We let the older kids run around while we sat under and umbrella, so I never actually touched water. I have always wanted to go, but the thousand people in line, make me change my mind!

    Hope you get the computer fixed or replaced soon. I dont know what we'd do without our gaming computers. LOL

  2. Hmmmm, I wonder if you have a friend who could get your stuff to the fair. Isn't there a "Laurie" who spends a lot of time at the fair on entry days, could probably enter something for a friend? :-)