Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh the worlds Ive seen

in BOOKS!  lots and lots and lots of books.  Ive updated my little Goodreads library link over to the right of my blog.  It shows the bits and bobs that have been taking over my stitching time so far this year.  The count so far is 21 (and rising fast). 

Yes there have been a bit more than that which Ive picked up but Ugh!  No way could I finish some of them.  Only so much over-privileged person whining I will deal with, especially in writing.  Or the series that has gone on just a few numbers too high.

Ive been looking into the possibility of getting a real Kindle (not just an app on my phone – screen is WAY too small) but not sure if I really want to pay full price for an electronic book.  My library has a third party company they use for MP3 (online download) and e-books.  The software to read the e-books has to be loaded on any machine (e-reader or not) in order for you to view their e-book version.  Almost makes it pointless to get a Kindle as I wouldnt have another app placed on it.  So Im doing more research before getting one

Or maybe its the stitching thats taking up my reading?

(oh I know that was a loaded sentence!)

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