Monday, April 18, 2011

Bits of everything

Had a great weekend.  Went to a friends Sat for a fun filled day of stitching and chatting with friends.  Had a great time – but not much stitching really happened (too much giggling)

Sunday was the normal shopping day.  I dragged D along, get him out of the house to stretch his sore muscles (he went jogging Sat for the first time in a while).  We also went clothes shopping,  He is a fabulous personal shopper and I should never go shopping without him.  It was a search for pants & tops for work but ended up at JC Penny where they have a 50% off dresses sale.  I scored!  Three dresses for summer (and maybe spring if it ever decides to make an appearance).  One was a little black dress that I couldnt leave behind after seeing the eyes pop out of D’s head when I walked out of the dressing room (so made my day!!)

Stitch Updates

I did work on a plethora of projects this weekend.  Just couldnt stick with one.

Dragon of Earth by Dragon Dreams – Working (really slowly) on completing this series.  I like how this dragon is looking on the green fabric.

Dragon of Earth 4-18-11

His Name – Removed the offending stitches so it is ready to be worked on (on the + side) next time

His Name 4-18-11

Masquerade by Ink Circles – Im working on a 36/40 (uneavenweave) and it is looking really small.  But still loving how VC’s silks are stitching.

Masquerade 4-18-11

Spring Bloomers – Im getting closer to how yellow the fabric is.  Didnt add much but I did add some (all counts!! lol)

Spring Bloomers 4-18-11

So Bendy!

And I leave you with the bendy kitteh,  Not sure how this can be comfy but it is a cat.  Busy sleeping and holding a back leg.  Oh and hogging my foot space at my desk! (not that she cares :-) )


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  1. Love it when a dress makes the guys eyes pop!!! You have been a busy girl with lots of stitchy progress!