Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lots going on

Hard to believe its been a whole week since I last posted but have had lots going on.

First, Japan.  Wow.  and still Wow!  Lots of scary stuff going on but also some wonderful.  Im still looking for some happy things through all the bad going on.

Personally there have been lots going on.  D & I went to the local RV show to see what our Tundra could haul.  Sadly what we wanted and what our little truck could do were two different universes.  So the decision was made to change what was doing the towing.

So good by Camry (my car) and Hello Ford F350!

Much more towing capacity and hello to the trailer we would like to have.

We still have a bit more to go before we can get the trailer but the goal is there.  We plan on making lots of trips with the boys, starting this year (with or without a trailer) and in the future.

I havent added many x’s to any project.  Maybe 50 or so since last week.  Tired from the RV show and then the damn time change and still healing.

So hopefully I will I finish by the end of the weekend.  Tanglewood is still really (REALLY) close to being done.

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