Friday, March 18, 2011

Drove just a few

Well I took the plunge and drove our new Monster truck.  Well, just a few feet so I could get my much smaller truck around and out to the store.

And thats as far as I will take it for now.

I am getting used to driving the Tundra around.  It is nice sitting above the crowd.


So I went by the library today to pick up two books that were anxiously waiting for me and found 6.  One I couldnt wait for and had already bought and another I wasnt expecting for a few more weeks (I was down in the wait list).  Im so excited to read River Marked

Now the battle between book read’n & stitch’n this weekend begins.

Why a battle you ask?  Well I have a glorious coupon for framing which expires Sunday.  I need to get Tangelwood done so it can be finished & framed thus protected

So Im off to add more x’s to Tanglewood and hope I can get it finished before Sunday.

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