Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yes, more signs of the holidays

Yes, more signs of the holidays

Went to the store yesterday and spied the red and green Salvation Army donation bucket. No bell ringer...yet but I know they're next.

Squirt gun battle. DL thought he would be funny the other night and pester me about when dinner was done ("is it done yet?  How bout now?  Now?). Yes - what fun. After I told him he was not allowed to use my phrase at me for anything ( yes he laughed at that) I warned him there would be repercussions if he didn't stop.

He didn't ( I know- shocker there)

So I snuck into my bedroom and got the squirt gun we use on the cats ( really only works on Loki), crept to his room, sighted him and let the water fly.

Did I mention it's a battery powered water gun?

With a pretty large water reservoir?

He got hosed.

And doncha know it was much easier to get the boys up the next morning :oP


I have a complete finish tonight and just in time for the holidays!


Santa Finish2

Started 12/1/2008, Stitching finished 12/16/08.

Designer Knotted Tree Needle Art, design from one of the JCS ornament issues (2007 or 2008).

DMC thread with Whisper on the beard and lots of red beads (cause I wanted to)

Was taught a new way to finish ornaments, with no extra needle and thread.  Love it! 

Also twisted my own cording.  The twisting was entertaining (used a hair twister thingamabob) but getting the loops was a big pain as the pearl thread just wanted to tangle, not get twisted.  Rude if you ask me.

Ive got a nice pile of ornaments to get finished and now a non-painful (in a stabbing needle kind of way) process to get them completed.


  1. Your ornament is beautiful! Gorgeously done!

  2. Love the ornie! So...please share your new finishing technique? Please~

  3. Your ornament is gorgeous, please share how you finished it, I'd love to know.

  4. Fantastic ornament finish! I'm also very curious about your new finishing technique if you're willing to share.