Friday, November 26, 2010

Taking the plunge

Ive been thinking about this for a while and thx to Thanksgiving Day deals I did it.

I purchased a Learn Knitting kit!

What finally pushed me over the edge is reading about felted socks.  I would love to have a pair.  Obviously not my first project but definitely something to work towards.

Now to learn how to knit!

I spent my afternoon reading the booklet that came with the kit (not very helpful) and found videos on YouTube (very helpful) and a couple sites:

My MIL knits and I will be asking her for help.  I have a perfect opportunity Sunday when we visit them for T-day dinner.

Knit tips Ive learned today:

  • Look at the yard to see what size needle is needed (this tip would have been nice to know when I got the kit, now I need to get #5 needles or yarn for the needles that came with the kit
  • For me its easier to start with a slip knot and do the thumb (continental) method for casting on
  • I like Continental knitting better than English (so far)
  • My stitches are too damn tight

Im hoping my tight stitches are due to the needle size (7 when yarn suggests 5).

On other stuff

I was the gal of the morning – one of many standing out in the cool, wet morning waiting for the local Frys to open.  Line was at the back of the store by the time I got there but I still got lucky.  D & I are proud owners of a new LCD TV.  He is most exited.  Too bad this doesnt get me out of next year shopping on Black Friday (I tried but there could be another good deal to be had next year!)

T-day feast was delightful.  The turkey is so moist, even on day 2 and grilled (or nuked).  Gotta love brine :).  Other fixin’s are just as yummy.  With P’s help on T-day I was able to get the three sides prepared and ready for baking while the bird was cooking.  So it was a 1-2 punch and dinner was ready by 4pm (thx to convex microwave).

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. If your stitches are too tight, you need to go up a needle size not down. Or, loosen up, lady!