Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting Ready

Im starting my dinner plans for Thursday.  The turkey will be placed into brine Sunday.  Im thinking of cooking it Wed and having it carved and ready to eat Thurs.  Leaving the oven clear for other eats.


· Turkey

· Green Bean casserole

· Rolls

· Fresh cranberry sauce

· Sausage Dressing

· Baked Mashed Potatoes (with cheese, cream cheese and bacon)

· Gravy (copious amounts have been requested)

· Maybe a pie or 2 (from Sheri’s or store as I don’t do crusts)


No stitching yesterday or today.  I worked at home last night and wouldnt you know I was still working when sleeping!  I so hate it when that happens.  Today it was all I could do to keep the grey matter on task.  And now my cushy chair is threatening to take me under…

I had an itch today to get something new for stitching.  Glad I waited and searched the HAED site.  They are having a Thanksgiving sale until the 26th.  Time to get my stocking!

On to see if I can get any x’s added tonight.


  1. I've never brined a turkey past 24 hours. There is a point at which the muscle can start to break down and the meat gets mushy, but I don't know exactly when that point is. Sounds like a wonderful menu.

  2. I had plans to thaw the turkey in brine and recently found that is what Alton does.

    I will definitely post how it turns out :o)