Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Sign

the holidays are just around the corner.  The Big Tree is getting setup at Pioneer Square and getting ready for lights. 

It always seems sad to me how they get this behemoth setup.  It seems they cut all (or almost all) the branches off and then add those and a bunch of others to make it look healthy and full.  Im always shocked how they manage to keep it looking good until it comes down after Christmas.

Found another sign on my way home, Macy’s has their big windows covered getting them ready.  I miss the days gone by when Macy’s was Meier & Frank the windows held animatronics vs the stuff they have these days.

D recorded Palin’s Alaska, not for her but to see Alaska.  We both love watching anything that shows scenes from Alaska.  Not sure which episode we watched tonight but she was climbing Mt McKinley and it was beautiful.  Both of us would love going there.

No new pictures of stitch updates.  Ive been working on Mother Maya, trying to get another motif completed in November.  I was thinking if I try and finish a motif a month it would (just may) get finished a bit faster.

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  1. What gets me is christmas is getting set up earlier and earlier each year,,I remember when you didnt see a christmas item till after thanksgiving,,oh the good ole days..we recorded the Sarah palin also because of the Alaska part,,I watched it,,and yes it was beautiful..well have a great week..