Saturday, October 30, 2010

The wonderful smell

of the heater kicking on for the first time in the fall.  D took pity on us (well me and P) and the AC has been turned off for the year.  Its that stench of burning dust that always gets me.  Now Its a comfy 68 instead of 64 in the house.  Yea!

D and I did something totally new for us.  So new its throwing me for a loop.  We went Christmas shopping before Halloween!  Even got one child completely taken care of (minus stocking stuffers).  My mind is reeling.

Its all part of an evil plan to get debt free, sounds weird but we do have a plan.  Its also nice not to have to battle all the other parents around town for those “must have” items later on in the season.

Now to find good hiding places for 2 months…

Stitchy stuff

During my free time today Ive been somewhat stitching on Consumed by Gifts.

I will be participating in the annual Halloween SAL Rachel S is hosting.  Ive picked out two new starts, Quaker 31 by San-Man and Ectoplasmic Kiss by The Cricket Collection.  I may also work on Three Gables, depending on how speedy my x’s go.

So until then Im watching the NCIS marathon on USA and watching D play on his X-box.  Oh and giving loving scritches to the pest, Loki :o)


  1. Eeeeew! I hate that smell with a passion. I have a brand-new furnace this month so mine didn't smell at all this time!

    Happy Halloween, Rachel!

  2. You know, I like the first time that furnace kicks on too. We must be different, uh? Ours has been going on for a few weeks now - not too often, but it's gotten pretty close to freezing here.

    Happy Halloween!!