Friday, October 29, 2010



Meet my nightly pest.  Loki will start whining (there is no better word for the sounds he makes), looking for someone, anyone to PAY ATTENTION TO HIM! 

Does he come directly to anyone – NO

He will stay, right out of water gun range and wait until someone (me) calls for him.

Then its let the scritching begin!

He flops and rolls and walks around, will inch worm closer if he rolls to far away from my scritching fingers

Its quite an ordeal and can last for a while.

If it ends too quickly he will be whining for more attention after a bit.  Some nights it gets bad and I have to pick him up, ruffle up his fur until he cant wait to run away.  And then I can be done for the day.

Silly boy


I did start another project today, Brittercup Design’s Consumed by Gifts from this years JCS Ornament issue.  I have no clue what color of aida Im stitching on but I believe its 16ct.  The piece had been cut out a couple years ago specifically for onrie use.  I started using 2 strands but cut back to one and it is so much easier to stitch!  So I will leave certain parts with 2 strands but the rest will be 1.

I swear I have a brain malfunction when it comes to aida and the NEED to always stitch with 2 strands when 18 = 36 and I usually stitch 1 over 2 on 36.  It makes things so much easier (not to mention faster) with 1 strand. 

Its got me thinking hard about redoing my LOTR yet again.  still use 18 ct aida (it will be completely covered) but use one strand instead of 2.

Still hard to think about starting over but I dont even have pg 1 completed.  With that said I do have Frodo’s face looking out at me and hate to just leave him.  If I do start it over I will need to find something to do with that completed face…

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