Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So many clicks

Ok I use a couple of gadgets to track how many visitors I get, one of these is a beta through Blogger for stats.  Someone must have been refresh happy as it shows 116 hits in one hour!  Dang!  If only that were the case but unfortunately other gadgets are not showing the same thing.  Love playing with Beta stuff :oP

P was very pleased with how well his new glasses were received at school.  Lots of people said he looked good.  Warm fuzzies!

Stiching updates!  Yup, Ive even got pictures :op

Celtic Autumn – I finished the hair (minus beads)

Celtic Autumn 10-12-10

Celtic Banner – Still adding more of the border.  I will be pulling out the green letters and replacing them with a blue color.  I was (and may still) use the green for my initials.  Time will tell if I can fight the urge to do that.

Celtic Banner 10-12-10

Mother Maya – Still battling that bird motif and I will win!

Mother Maya 10-12-10

Pumpkins Three – Still going strong for my first 40ct project.  Im loving my choice of cherry bark on Havana

Pumpkins Three 10-12-10


  1. Great progress on your wips. I have Celtic Autumn in the same colours as a wip/ufo and love it, but just can't seem to stitch on it for long. Maybe I'll try to bring it out again next year and make some more progress lol.

  2. Wow, that Mayan themed piece must be a bear - that's the kind of thing that if you make a mistake, it really shows. What a challenge!

  3. Wow, how do you you track of them all? I've got three on the go and struggle with that, and that's with only working on one at a time (well obviously, but you know what I mean)
    They all look amazing, especially the colours on Autumn lady!

  4. Your WIPs look fantastic Rachel!

  5. Gorgeous work on all your WIPs.

  6. Love your "Pumpkins Three" - that is on my cutting table upstairs waiting for linen and thread assigments. Your other progress shots are great!

    I love 40 count - I generally work with 36 - 40 count.