Sunday, October 17, 2010

just done

I am done for the weekend.

Long, but quick drive up to Puyallup Sat for a friend’s 40th birthday party.  Great celebration and all had fun.  Lots of food, karaoke and talking with friends.  Ended up to be a late night.

Had a wonderful breakfast at Birthday girl's house, sourdough pancakes, tons of bacon, melon, Japanese pears, and eggs.  If you havent tried Japanese pears I highly recommend them.  They are tasty!

As P stayed up til 5am ish, he was so not with it today.  I let him sleep on the way home, which I normally dont do as the company is nice.  I did have someone chatting with me, of sorts.  I was listening to Variable Star, great Robert Heinlein/Spider Robinson book.  Didnt quite finish but loved listening.

The traffic was great going up but BUSY coming home this afternoon.  It can be amazing how it can almost double the amount of time to come home from a trip.

I have no stitching to share, didnt get any x’s added this weekend – I was totally prepared to do so but just didnt get the time.

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