Friday, October 15, 2010

Hodge Podge Friday

Spent yesterday evening watching the play Cats on the Ovation channel.  My Dad took our family to see this play when it was in town the year I graduated from High school.  Loved it!  Its one of those plays that you have to see more than once due to the amount of stuff that happens all over the stage.  I would have loved to see it in person again, but wasnt able to.  The "movie" version does not do it justice but still happy I have the opportunity to see it.

Got behind in blog reading.  All it takes is a busy weekday evening and posts multiply like bunnies!  I had a wonderful evening Wed, stitching at a friend's house.  I so look forward to those nights.  This weekend will be another time when posts will multiply as P and I are off to Seattle to celebrate another friend's 40th.  Im bringing Voodoo donuts!

Gah to kids txting they forgot the stuff you told them to get ready the night before.  They didnt (cause they are all knowing) and then got too busy in the morning (cause homework that wasnt finished the night before was being worked on).  Im not in the mood to get yelled at by teachers for bringing stuff to school due to a frantic call.  Teachers: " The kids need to grow up and remember stuff and parents need to stop enabling them"  While I understand that, the dood (P in this case) forgot his glasses - so no reading the boards for him today.  And Im not in the mood to get yelled at by the dictator-wannabes who teach.  Waiting to see if DL wants to go to that school before I let loose on them.  Dont want to place him in a downwards spiral before he even starts.

Im starting on ornaments, see how many I can get stitched and possibly even fully finished before Christmas.  Not getting a tree this year (Hell, no – not with the duo of chaos!) but I could find a way to set them out, where the cats cant get to them.

I tried to get Flying Monkeys finished as a cube or  flat fold but my quick jaunt to grab fabric for the flat fold, then deciding to make a cube, cue another trip for piping for either finish and then it just got to late in the evening for me to get any done.  I done spent my energy going out and getting stuff!  So Ive got stuff to finish the project, its just gonna wait for another weekend to get done.

Off to bed so I have the energy to sit and drive three hrs tomorrow.  Seems silly but Im driving and there are morons out there and its the weekend and that just seems to make them come out in droves and that totally sucks energy out of me.

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