Monday, September 20, 2010

Things that make you shop

I hate that the sheets we like are so damned expensive!  Of course once you’ve had the high counts, you cant go back.  Even hotel sheets feel scratchy!  Well we (I) got to go sheet shopping today as I found a hole in ours (fitted of course) and not in a place I can easily patch (but will just to have an extra set around).  I was not ready to spend the cash for sheets at this time.  *sigh

My sister is doing her best at wanting to spend $$ on shoes.  She got a new pair of Danskos, pretty tooled black clogs.  Almost the cost of the sheets (+ a bit more).

New Ink Circle charts!  Tracy has posted her newbies for market and dang I have to have one of them.  Meet Masquerade.

image Isnt it beautiful?  The middle part with the cats is the ornie from the Halloween ornament JCS issue.  Ive already placed my order for this.

Ive been working on clearing out some of my WIPs, concentrating on some smaller ones that are a bit easier and faster to complete.  And Im left wondering why I just couldnt stop and finish them long ago (well I know the Ohh Shiny! bit me on the butt and I had to start other projects but still!)

Today Ive worked on Flying Monkeys (Glory Bee) and Bunnies Galore (Britter Cup).  Pic updates will be posted soon.

Tomorrow has me off to Back to School Night for P– planning on having conversations with the teachers on when homework is posted and when grades are posted so I can pester. 

**Side note – I totally missed Talk like a Pirate day this year!  Not sure how it happened but I just knew something was off.   Shoot, last year the boys and I dressed up and crashed a niece’s bday party (ok we were invited but not as pirates) and shared our ill gotten goods (ok, again not really ill gotten but not good for you – what candy is?)  Must to better for next year!


  1. Pre-ordered Masquerade as well! Love love love it :D

  2. I love those little cats in Masquerade!

  3. Cute chart! I know what you mean about the sheets, we have the same problem here.