Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just cant stop!

Dont you just love things that get in your brain and you just cant stop thinking, listening to the music or close the app!

I have two new such items.  First the game.  A new app (or at least new to me), Carcassonne.  Like the board game, liked the xbox version but the iphone app has sucked me in!  Now if I could only win a game…

image The second is the new song by Alexia Ray Joel (Billy Joel’s daughter), Notice Me.  The video isnt much but the song is defiantly one of those that will worm into your brain.


Not much stitching done tonight thx to Back to School night.  I was able to talk to at least one teacher (the one I needed to) and find out when grades on assignments will start to be posted. 

Now off to bed!


  1. Earworm, Christian Kane's The House Rules (free download from his website). He plays Eliot on Leverage, but was also on Buffy and Angel.

  2. Thanks for the music rec. I hardily second Kathryn's Christian Kane rec. I have every bit of music I can find from him. Beautiful voice.