Monday, September 13, 2010


Is it wrong to dislike what may be the last bit of good weather of summer?  I was placed in such a good fall mood last week that I'm missing the dreary grey clouds and mist/rain. We now have wonderful sun, not too hot, almost breezy for a light sweater or jacket.

The acts of forgetting most needed items for school have begun. Elder son forgot to tell or remind me of at lest two things last week (which resulted in lots of driving around looking for elusive heffalumps) and already missing items this week (it's only Monday!!). I'm waiting for son #2 to start in...  And Boy #1 made my point again tonight!  Thankfully it didnt involve any gasoline (good thing as Ive already changed into my not-going-anywhere-else-comfy-clothes) but did involve raking my brain to remember milestones of his life so far.  Bad mom that I am I dont have baby books for either of my kids.  Nor do I scrapbook (although thanks to my awesome mil they each have one).  What I do have is a somewhat ok memory.  And I was able to pull some funny tidbits out of my brain, first airplane ride, first tooth, first camping trip and so on.  Also added some sad ones such as Homer (cat – first pet) passing last year and the first person he knew personally passing away 5 years ago (My paternal grandma).  More than enough to get his brain going.

Stitchy update – I found the camera!  And no it hadnt been put away, just hidden under computer stuff.

First off, thank you so much for your wonderful comments on Indian Summer.  Im happy to be able to share a fun project with others, see what others have done with their fabric and thread choices and finishes.  I had the fabric picked for the BBD Halloween stockings but it was perfect for this as well.

Three Gables – Last time I worked on this was late last fall.  Poor thing was practically screaming for x’s to be added.  As Im doing filler work, this is my current train project

Three Gables 9-13-10

Renaissance Angel – Shes had more recent x’s added (March) but she was also started after Three Gables.  I was able to finish her, need to work on the wings and bs and she will be done.  Then its the fiddly-bits on either side.  Lots of satin stitches and those are taking much thinking (and painful at that)

R-Angel 9-13-10

Quaker Stocking – not much was added, was trying to stitch on this while on the train back from PAX, too much jostling and the thread was wanting to knot up in the worst way.

Quaker Stocking 9-13-10

That is all for now as its already time for bed (Where does time fly to?)


  1. Your Angel looks fantastic. I saw this in the JCS magazine and was going to stitch it for my Aunt but decided on a smaller design, I cant wait to see the finished piece.
    Take Care

  2. All of your pieces look great, especially the stocking! What floss are you using for it?

  3. I know what you mean about kids forgetting. I'm crossing my fingers for a somewhat better year this year. All your wip's look fantastic.

  4. Lovely stitching on your WIPs. I love the colours of QS