Friday, July 23, 2010

Just Coffee

Warning – Rant starting…

cold brewed coffee - why is it so hard to find barristas that make this?  one taste and all other coffee taste burnt
   Also is it sad to hear a Starbucks barista say she has no clue what cold brewed coffee is? (my boss was nice enough to ask - and say I was wanting to know - why Starbucks didnt have cold brew.  The gal got that confused with not having cold drinks.  No it wasnt that noisy)

     Another annoying thing about coffee places is how to get the doofs behind the counter to understand that all I want is a 16oz cold-brew coffee with non-fat milk and a shot of chocolate (ok 32 oz and would prefer unsweetened almond milk but thats another item that has yet to see the inside of a coffee house (or is it hause as they are so snooty?)).
     Instead of getting what I want, Im talked down to as if Im 5 and barely understand human speech and told that they have to make it a mocha cause the chocolate wont melt (its f'g liquid!!) in cold coffee.  If I wanted burnt flavored coffee I would order an Iced Mocha (imho its way over processed).  Obviously these morans have never had to make chocolate milk for a young child using honest to god, right out of the fridge, ice cold milk and Hershey's chocolate syrup (also right out of the fridge according to directions).  That stirs up just fine and dandy and good enough to please the most persnickety of 5 year olds

This is why I started brewing my own cold brew coffee.  Guess I need to start bringing a thermos to work...

Rant off

Whew!  On to other stuff.

Ive made the leap and started my LOTR Map again.  This time on 32ct jobelan 1x2.  Seeing if it will be easier to stitch this time around.  I have nothing to show yet as Ive been gridding – much fun that is (yawn)

I did add more x’s to P’s stocking, Mine all MineMine all Mine 7-23-10 And the bones of a third house is complete along with more window panes in LHN Neighborhood

Neighborhood 7-23-10

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