Friday, July 2, 2010


Had a good day today.  Spent the day at home, spent sometime really working but most of it was vegging.  P’s new girlfriend was over and they watched Monty Python (tv show dvds) and laughed the afternoon away.

I got a good walk completed this morning – 1 hr and 525 calories spent.  Got a dvd player hooked up to the treadmill and was amazed at how fast time flew while watching Return of the King.  Had to mind myself to take HR checks.  Will be walking more than Wii Active for a while to burn more fat than transfer to muscle.  Mainly wanting to get the scale to move more.  Dont get me wrong, love watching the inches vanish but seeing the numbers drop on the scale just seems to mean much more.  Im still working on giving back what I put on over my two weeks off in June. 

My parents came over for dinner,  Dad lost yet another round of dominos to DL (second in a row).  P spent time in the same room but chose to watch a movie.  Mom and I just chatted while I linked bluetooth items and loaded software on their laptop.  Got a new pic for my FB profile.  Taken by my uncle when I was 4 or 5.  He always took such wonderful pictures.  I need to raid photos to find more of his jems.


Still getting plans set for the 4th.  Have the usual box of Oregon Approved sparkies from Costco.  Lots of neighbors stay in and we all light stuff off.  Makes for a good show.


Even with part of my day off, no stitches were added.  I did however get pics taken (wonders!)

Snow Garden – The first of the BBD houses

BBD Snow Garden 7-2-10

Mother Maya

Mother Maya 7-2-10

LHN Neighborhood

Neighborhood 7-2-10

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  1. Sounds like a nice visit - we used to play dominos with Rob's dad. I miss those times.

    Your WIPs look great - have a happy and safe 4th. Sparklers can burn, too!