Friday, July 16, 2010


Had a day off today and spent most of my time relaxing.  P was over at the girlfriend’s (all day long!) so it was just DL and I.

I sat out stitching while DL played.  It was warm, sunny.  Then it got too warm & sunny.  After two hrs I called myself done.  I found out just a bit ago how done I really was!

I have lovely shades of red all over my shoulders and chest.  Arms arent too red, more pink and I couldnt really tell colors of my legs but Im beginning to feel they may be a bit miffed.  My ears are also getting in on the fun.  Its days like this I wish my skin wasnt so damn delicate :P

I worked more on Quaker Stocking, trying to get to a spot for the pink but didnt quite get there today.

This evening Ive been going through the site recipes finding foods that will fit my likes, lifestyle and needs.  They’re all set to 40(carb), 40(protein) & 20(fat) percentages so its now up to me to match up numbers.  According to the site I should be eating 7, 6 & 6 (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks).

One nice thing about these recipes is that most dont take forever to prep and cook.  Sure the first time through may take a bit but after that most are a cake walk.  Ive found some yummy sounding breakfast foods that I should have no problem making in the mornings.

I did get Jillian Michael’s 30day Shred today, starting with that tomorrow.  Getting to bed and prepping for the big eye-ball sweating tomorrow!


  1. Sorry about the sunburn, ouch! Good luck with your workout routine - might not be too fun if you're too burnt, right now.
    Take it easy.

  2. Sorry about the sunburn! Lots of water and Advil/Tylenol both to keep you hydrated and one to dull down the ache!

  3. Im a bit surprised that its not as painful as it looks. But I am taking it easy and making sure to moisturize and drink lots of water