Sunday, April 11, 2010

Get’n my groove on


My jeans have gotten a bit easier to fit in.  Ive been keeping up with my new regimen of up at 5am (ack!), working out for 30 min, drinking over 64 oz water a day, and eating my calories – smarter!

To date Ive lost ~5 lbs and 4.5 inches (over all).  I was stoked when I did the math today.

D got me 1lb glove weights to use with Wii Active.  Not up to using them with that work out but I have added them with my “rest” days when walking on the treadmill, get more action out of my arms :o)

Stitching news

I started another new project.  Carriage House Samplings Quaker Stockings.


Couldnt help myself!  These have been on my outer radar for a while and due to the news I jumped and got the chart, fabric & colors.  I will be working on 32ct Silvery Moon Belfast linen and using NPI colors 663, 666 & 633 (greens & dk coral). 

Quaker Stocking fibers 4-8-10

Once I finish mine (riiight) I will be doing recon to see what colors to do for D’s

Mother Maya has been coming along quite nicely

Mother Maya 4-11-10

During my shopping today I got helpers

glasses These are +150 and I hope strong enough to help but light enough not to mess up my eyes.  I chose these as each set has their own sturdy case.  Its the fabrics 36 + that are causing me counting fits – hope these help me at least see the holes if not count :P

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