Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthday cake

DL’s birthday landed on Easter this year so we moved to this week to make it easier for family & friends to celebrate.

As to the title of this post, he decided months ago for a monstrosity of a cake.  5 tiers, motor-cross action and lots of extras.

So here we have a pic of the beginning of the frosting process


Parts of cake not used


Adding doodads*


Here is one after the doodads have been added


We had about 5 people working on this as we were still putting it together when family arrived (lol)  I was very grateful for the assistance.

Now for the flame!


The instructions called for a dude on a bike but that just wasnt in the stars.  B-day boy didnt care.

In fact, the b-day boy had a bit too much excitement for the day and ended up getting sick before dinner.  So no b-day feasting with family, no blowing out candles (I got that job – needed a pic or three with candles lit after all!) and no bite of his b-day cake!  Proof the gods have a sense of humor.

As you can guess, we have a ton of cake left over – even with me sending the top couple of tiers home with my sister (made sure to mention extra cake to the nieces & nephew – Im in trouble for sure).  So it will be waiting for him when his tummy decides its ok to partake in foods other than plain toast.

*doodads included coco puffs, pretzel sticks, fruit by the foot, chocolate wafer cookies, green licorice, straws (to keep tiers together) and the bike (minus the dude).  All this using 4  9” cake rounds to make the 5 tiers and 3 tubs of frosting.

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