Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Resume – day four

Another great morning, even less sore than on day three.  Squats are still the devil but I will persevere and win (eventually).  Also having issues with the Wii-motes but again, I will win that after all they are plastic :P

Today finally moved on (mostly) from legs and tackled upper body.  Ok workout on the arms and back.  Shoulders are another problem area but they were having issues long before working out. 

Stitching front – I have a finish!

Meet Midnight Watch – 2010 Finish #2

Midnight Watch 3-24-10 Finish

Stitched on 32ct dirty linen, used mostly DMC threads except for called for GA Gingersnap (border and shutters).  I used GA Autumn for the moon as it was more an autumn moon than CC Autumn (called for).  I did change the door from 869 to 918.

  Also found another “hidden” stitching on the border when stitching the stars.  I think Ive found all the hidden stitches (yes, that I made – just to make things interesting) in the border.

Off to pick another WIP to stitch :o)


  1. Great finish - I just love the cat howling in the moon. Good for you on the workin' out - keep up the good work! Arms and shoulders are a big problem for a lot of us, aren't they?

  2. Congrats, it turned out really well!!

  3. Love your finish!! And your colors changes are just perfect.

  4. Love your finish. I really like this even more each time I see it stitched! Great job.