Sunday, December 6, 2009

Watching Iron Chef America

can be a dangerous thing.  Battle Egg Nog was last night and all it took was for me to see Egg Nog french toast and I was off to the store.  Made it for me and the boys this morning and what a hit!

I continued the cooking theme this morning and made 3 batches of cookies (over 150).  German Chocolate, Chinese Almond and Sprits. (all recipes can be found in Taste of Home Baking cookbook)


Ive been working more on Nora’s Letter K this week.

Nora's Letter K 12-6-09

Update on Renaissance Angel.  I commented that I was going all over the place with this one.  Added the satin stitches on the side and the red x’s towards the bottom to help with the counting.  Hope Ive got the numbering correct before I really get stated on the other parts of the sides.  Wouldnt be fun to rip out.

R-Angel 12-6-09

Taking a break on cookie baking, Will maybe get some refrigerated cookies started so they can be baked next weekend.

D completed our Christmas present, 1/2 of our closet – the hanging side.  We’ve been using our closet area for folded clothes, his in a dresser and mine in wire bins, and all the hanging stuff had taken over the boy’s closets.  Now all of our hanging stuff is in our closet, gave the boys a big chunk of space back.  We also have a long shelf for all our shoes so they arent al over the place.  A nice new place for the duo of chaos to find hiding places :op

The next 1/2 we will hopefully get towards the end of the month for our Anniversary present :o)

With the change to the closet areas, we are taking the time to thin the piles down.  Nice things are going to the school district’s Clothes Closet for kids k-12.  I have a better feeling donating them there than to Goodwill and hope someone can/will use them.

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  1. Your WIPs look good. And those cookies look yummy~

  2. It's just not Christmas without spritz cookies -- trees, camels, and wreathes.