Sunday, November 1, 2009

After the sugar high

Why is it that the obvious is the hardest to figure out.  I would think that mat board could be found and purchased at Michaels.  They sell frames and other such items so why not the mat boards?  But no.  For some reason last year when looking for said boards I was stumped and failed to even think of the local art store, Art Media.  DUH!  This year should be much easier to get ornies set.

Not much stitching today as I set out to get my usual Saturday shopping done today.  Total mistake as the Sunday drivers decided to keep “driving” while in the stores.  I was able to get in and out of Costco in 30 min (only doable w/o D with me)

This evening after having a scrumptious homemade ramen dinner by D, I got to work and made the Pumpkin Choc. chip cookies shared by Jolene.  Scroll down a bit on the post to find the recipe.  I love pumpkin and chocolate and these are just wonderful.

I will leave you with a little of our lolcat fun from yesteday. 

image Lilith and D playing.  She bites and kicks when she plays and he doesnt mind it as much as I do :o)

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  1. My Michael's has the matting board, but you have to go ask the framers for some and then try to explain that you dont want them to make it into a mat, you just want a piece of the whole board.