Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oct 31

Final post for Blogtoberfest!

Today started out with me changing positions in bed and the gruesome twosome deciding that was the message it was time to get up and play.  So after spending 15 min booting them off the bed and keeping my toes from getting attacked I got up

Caturday had over 500 posts by the time I logged in.  Had fun looking at the lolcats created, kept some for my screensaver, and posted some of my own.

Tonight I took the boys out instead of D.  P was invited to go trick or treat with a friend so I took both boys and we went out with another family.  Went early so it felt really weird to finish early.  But everyone had their bags filled.

I was able to get a start on Midnight Watch

Midnight Watch 10-31-09

Im very happy I stayed with GA’s Gingersnap.  It’s a wonderful fall-ish orange and looks so pretty.

And here are updates to Three Gables

Three Gables 10-31-09

and Tanglewood


Tanglewood 10-31-09

And with that, Im off to bed.  Its been a long day.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments :o)


  1. Hi Rachel,
    Your start on Midnight Watch looks great!! It is such a fun stitch and the colors are gorgeous. That GA Gingersnap is yummy! Three Gables and Tanglewood look awesome as well. Sounds like you had a fun Halloween. :)

  2. Great progress on all three WIPs!