Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time to decompress yet?

Oh the joys of system administration and upgrading a major system. Got to spend 4 hrs on the phone today on two separate calls.  Sat so long my posterior got numb!  I did however pull out Tangelwood and added more to the outline of a branch.  Bad form I guess but wasnt able to do much else.  Upgrade is mostly completed – have some parts to finish tomorrow and then letting the end users back in to play.

After that I will allow myself to get sick.  There is a cold that has been trying its viral best to get me and Ive been doing my best to give it a no vacancy sign.  So far Ive been winning but know my luck is running out.  Usually does with colds.

No stitchy pics and may not have any til Sat.  Picking up the parents tomorrow night, taking the boys with for a nice surprise for them.

So with no stitchy pics I leave one of the monster-duo :p



  1. Poor you. I hope the cold won't be too bad. But I know this very well myself. Once the stress level is very low all the virus are there to attack the system.

  2. I hope your will power over the cold lasts.

    Love the photo of the kitties. :)

  3. Your kitties are cute! They look like a couple of mine.

    I am working on Tanglewood also, but yours is much further along than mine!

    I hope the cold doesnt catch you...stay healthy!