Monday, October 5, 2009

Oct 5th

H1N1 shots are coming to Portland, ok the nose spray but Im somewhat happy either way.  I giggled a bit when the news said its only for people ages 6 - 49.  Damn thats one large group!  Im one of the high needs people thx to asthma (not fun).  Making the boys get it as well.  Now the think is do we get it now or wait for batch #2?  Dont they make adjustments?  And isnt there a wait between H1N1 and being able to get the flu shot? Of which we are all getting this year.  All this thinking about shots is making my arms hurt.

Speaking of hurt, Friday I kicked it up a notch on my last round of bicep reps (only 5 lbs!) and apparently I use just enough of back muscles that I pulled one.  Who would have thunk!  And of course in the act of stretching (normal getting up type stretching, not workout) I made it worse!  Tonight’s workout seemed to have helped bunches – chest, abs and back.  So I took it nice and slow with low weights.  Nice good stretching.

Movie news

Highlander – there should be only one.  But Hollywood wants to make a new one.  Just not sure if I can see anyone other than Christopher Lambert as MacLeod.  I got hooked on this thanks to a good friend way back in high school.  I own the DVD and have it on my ipod for easy listening at work.  Just dont know what to think about this being remade.  Look what happened with the “sequels”!

Stitchy stuff!

As promised an updated pic of Witch’s Hat

Witch's Hat 10-5-09

I dont have pics of the mewbies.  They are running around and getting into everything!  Last night was – interesting.  Once they finally settled down Girl loved to be under the covers and would attack feet.  Boy just wanted to cuddle by my head.  They did find a way to the back of the fridge.  At least they are too big to fit underneath. ewww.

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  1. Love the witch's hat. From what I've heard, people with chronic illness need to get the shot--not the nasal spray which is live virus. You can get both shots (different arms) at once but you can't get both nasal sprays (H1N1 and regular flu). Aren't you glad I've taken this freelance work?