Sunday, October 4, 2009



D had a great surprise for the family today.  Yesterday he only said he had someplace to take us between 12-4 but wouldnt say where or what.

Imagine our surprise when we pulled up to Petco and went to the adoption section!

This was the little-one that captured his eye on Petfinders


Two litter mates, fosters that are about 1 month apart in age but well bonded.  The girl is the older of the two with white boots, spats, pinafore and spot on her nose.  The boy is noticeably smaller a complete tabby.  Both have stripes and spots!


Was hard to get them together for a pic, had to wait for the afternoon power nap to get a snap.  They took over D’s foot cushion.  I currently have the girl on mine.

Their foster names are Lala (girl) and Kiki (boy).  Im not really fond of either so the boys and I are working on agreeing on new names.  Also waiting to see what their personalities are.

So due to the excitement of the morning/early afternoon, I havent had much stitching time!  Most of my time has been keeping Kiki off my desk.  He seems to think Im a good climbing tool to the desk.  Ive only missed once :op

I hope to have pics of Witch’s Hat for you all tomorrow.  The brim is turning out like I hoped it would.


  1. You got both of them? Great !!! I love kitties ; they are so much fun !!!

  2. Awww sweet kitties. So cute. x

  3. OMG Brave soul...getting two kittens at once! Enjoy your cute new family members!

  4. What a wonderful surprise for you. There is nothing like new kittens in the house.

  5. Hi Rachel,

    Don't know about you but I'm
    a puddle of mush when it
    comes to small, adorable furries. When the furries are multiplied
    by two I'm doomed!!

    Congratulations on the new
    arrivals! They are so adorable.
    You're in for a lot of fun in
    the next little while as the
    kittens settle in and figure out
    how best to take over the house-

    Love that picture of the dog
    checking out one of the kittens,
    and the kitten checking the dog
    out in return. Definitely an
    attention grabber.

    Have they broken anything yet??

    Sounds like you've got quite an
    intensive workout schedule and
    are sticking to it pretty
    faithfully. Nice that you and
    D are both doing it.

    I just started going to Curves
    this week and am slowly getting
    to know the equipment and the
    proper way to use all of it.
    They say it'll take me about
    two weeks to get into the
    routine and start to build up
    my stamina and strength. Hope
    to have muscles by the new year!


  6. oh that's so cool you took both instead of one. Enjoy them!