Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oct 10

Not much to write about again today.  Spent most of the day shopping: food, clothes, cat stuff (more toys!).  I havent even been able to stitch today! 

I did however get the remaining threads needed for Three Gables which I will be winding tonight.

I worked on Nora’s N last night and was able to finish all the back stitching (mini woot!) and now its all beads.

Tomorrow is the celebration of FIL birthday and Open House at A&T.  Cant wait to see what the gift will be for this year.

All the kittens did today was sleep.  They have really taken over my chair and did their fuzzy cute selves best to move P out

P1000813 I appreciate all your comments on my work.  It does help keep the motivation going :o)

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  1. LOL I think that is what cats do 95% of the time ~ sleep! The other 5% is spent teasing YOU! Cute pictures, Rachel!