Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When Witches go Riding

Perfect finish on the first day of Fall.


I was bad when journaling this project’s beginning but thx to blog posts, its birth will be 10/26/08.  The fall colors have been so calming to work with.  Must be thoughts of rain, grey clouds and much cooler weather that should come with fall.

Other news – D and I have started a new exercise program called Kinetix, http://www.kinetixliving.com/.  We are hoping that the workout schedule will work better for our schedules.  Its every other day weights to cardio for 6 days, Sunday is rest day.  Monday we worked back, chest and abs reps of 15-10-5-5-10-15 with a 1 min rest between, today was cardio (elliptical kicked my butt) for 30 min without stopping.  I missed going to stitch group but needed to make a priority change.  D commented that while he liked going to the classes (most of them) its nice not to have to rush out of the house to make class.  If one of us or both werent going to be home in time for class, we just wouldnt go.  Bad thinking if we want to get in better shape.

School so far is ok.  DL came home last Friday with a TON of class work he decided he didnt want to finish and P decided fudge that he was done with a project and play video games (yup, due second week of school).  *sigh – it begins already!  So both have already had stern talking too’s about school.  Was it too much to hope these “family discussions” woudnt happen until at least October when Parent Teacher conf happen??

On to Witch’s Hat, see how much I can get done tonight before the bod says its time for bed.


  1. Congrats on your Awesome finish! Done in plenty of time for Halloween :)

  2. Great finish indeed. I'm a huge PS fan and this chart is high up on my pile.

  3. Beautiful finish! I need to stitch this even though we don't celebrate Halloween!

  4. Oh wow, Rachel...it's fantastic! What an awesome finish! Congratulations!

  5. what a great finish and good luck with your new exercise schedule

  6. I wish you the best for the weight loss (I'm trying too right now!)

    Congrats on your finish ;-)

  7. Great finish.

    Good luck with the new fitness regime.