Sunday, September 27, 2009

Questions, questions, questions

Oh the endless questions of a 3 year old!  I had so forgotten those moments, and the repeating of what they were watching! 

We had traded yard work for computer stuff and an AC, one of the guys brought his little girl with him (dont ask why – my mind is still boggling that one).  She spent most of the time inside playing with DL’s toys (oh the pain and agony of that!).  It was fun spending time with a well behaved 3 year old.  No screaming or calling for Daddy or telling me I wasnt a parent to tell her no.

I brought out Witch’s Hat to stitch while they watched movies (some of them scared her like Wall-e so I tried to make them funny than scary).  Oh the questions she had on my stitching.  And when was I changing colors, suggesting which color I should use next and if I was done with the color I was using (are you done now?  can you stitch blue now?  Orange now?). Loved her comment of “oh you’re coloring pictures with string!”

THEN I popped corn on the stove!  That was 10 min of giggling and laughing when the corn popped and watching the lid pop up (cause you have to add extra corn!)  She was very helpful sprinkling the butter over the corn.

With all that going on I was able to finish up the whole right side of the chart.  I believe it gets me to at least 2/3’s done. 

Witch's Hat 9-27-09

Now to outline the second ghost for stitching on the train tomorrow.


  1. Witch's Hat is looking good.

    Even though three yr olds can be a handfull it is still wonderful to see the magic through their eyes. Those little things like watch popcorn pop. :)

  2. Oh, it's so wonderful when they want to help in the kitchen etc. I love to remember these times with my own kids.