Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lazy dayz

Today I have been totally lazy.  I did brush my teeth after dragging my butt out of bed at 8ish am, got to sleep in 3 hrs!

So far Ive been working on Witch’s Hat all day.

Witch's Hat 9-26-09

Nice project to play with while catching up on NCIS LA and NCIS.  Jury is still out on NCIS LA, need to find the quirkyness that makes me lol.  NCIS however, very good opening show for the season.  I almost missed the ending, got pulled away on a phone call, and D deleted the episode!  Thank gods CBS has come out of the dark ages and now lets you watch FULL episodes online.  D was very willing to tell me what happened but so not the same thing as watching it!!

I have a few other shows Ive added to our lineup to check on this year.  The new one with Christian Slater, The Forgotten – missed the pilot so will have to drag that out of the internet.  I loved My Own Worst Enemy but think it would have been better received as a film and not tv.  FlashForward sounds cool but havent watched it yet but remembered to record it.  I need to catch up on Fringe.  I like it, D doesnt so I have to find times to watch online.  And now that CBS has full episodes Im going to see if I can catch up on the Mentalist.

Now Im watching Mr Magoriumn’s Wonder Emporium (I find why they call the accountant Mutant funny), watching D play the new Batman on his 360 and still working on Witch’s Hat.  Might have that one done this week!  One more WIP down, several 10’s to go (least its not in the hundreds – yet)

Thank you for all the wonderful comments.  Helps keep me going stitchy wise – now if I could also transfer that to more posts…


  1. Like NCIS LA because of Linda Hunt and Chris O'Donnell. I'll watch it because it doesn't conflict with anything else. I love Fringe, but my husband doesn't (and he does like Grey's Anatomy), so I'm watching Fringe online. Not going to get into the forgotten because it has been voted an early termination favorite. I have enough shows that I loved and were canceled. FastForward looks like a winner, so I hope it keeps going. I love Lost, too. Have decided on House over Heroes this year, but might regret my decision if House just goes back to his whiny ways like last year.

  2. It can feel good to be lazy sometimes. This happens mostly on Sundays too here at our house.
    Love your stitching, looks great.

  3. Witches hat is looking good! I'll have to check out the Christian Slater show, he's one of my faves and I didn't realize he had a new one.

  4. One of my friends in my group stitched this one up and yours is turning out quite cute!

  5. Oooo, what a great stitchy day you had! I still love the fabric you chose for this piece and you progress is wonderful!