Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting prepared

For a Christmas some time in the future


Ok, maybe far future.

Thing is D likes Christmas villages.  We have lots of buildings (5 churches atm) that we place on one of those large banquet type tables complete with cotton batting for snow and LED lights – looks pretty at night but Im rambling.

Having the village tree skirt would just go with the current Christmas decor.

Anyone know of a possible different village that may be out there?  Google only seems to be able to find this one.  I suppose if I got my butt going I could work my mind in creating one of my own making but at this time the brain is mush


  1. There's this one as well I found at 123 stitch
    I have a village I set up at Christmas too, and I love it! I hope you share pictures of yours when it's set up.

  2. Wow! That would be an awesome project!

    The only other village pattern that I can think of was a Stoney Creek, called Cobblestone Village. It was just a street scene, and wasn't Christmassy. I googled it, and couldn't find it. I used to have it in my stash, but can't remember if I still have it. I can look if you want to see a picture of it.

    I also found this one...might work if you wanted to create your own...

    Debbie Patrick also did a series of Christmas Victorians. Those may be a bit large, but you could always stitch a few of those and put them on a tree skirt.

  3. That is a gorgeous design and I have this one in my WIP's for the moment. I'm close to a finish, but for some reason I don't have the courage to finish it. It would look lovely under the Christmas tree.