Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend updates

Had a good stitchy weekend.  Met friends at A&T for the usual Saturday summer stitch group then decided to join another friend at the Washington County fair.  Went from hot with some wind to hot with no wind as we were inside.  This was my first time at this county’s fair and I wish I would have stopped in earlier (as in last year) as the number of cross stitch entries was abysmal!  I dont think there were 20 entries.  So I will be trying to remember next year, June, we are going to pester the gals in the shop and see if we cant get more submissions! 

I recall all the submissions I saw at the fair (neighboring county) growing up and I guess I was intimidated by memories and didnt think anything I do could stand up.  So much for that!

On to items Ive been working on…

Cirque des Carreaux – I worked a bit on this over the weekend.  The dark fabric is making my eyes buggy :o)

CDD 8-2-09

Nora’s Letter R – Ive been working on this throughout the week, when I had the energy (darn heat wave!).  Found a nasty frog while stitching at the fair (bugger!), so its thread pulling time…

Nora's Letter R 8-2-09


  1. I'm working on Cercles right now and I've had to do a lot of ripping as I decided to totally change thread, your Carreaux looks great! Keep up the good work!

  2. Wonderful progress ~ sorry about the frog!

    Only 20 entries? How sad!

  3. Nice progress on both your WIPs.

  4. Nice progress on your WIPs. Coming this Saturday to A&T? Might see ya there!

  5. Cirque des Carreaux is sooo pretty, I think it's on my wish list. Great work, and the fabric is gorgeous.