Monday, August 3, 2009

Feeding the tweet addiction…

Trying to find other ways to get my tweets while at work and wouldnt you know it?  Nintendo DSi with its wonderful built in web browser will hook me into Twitter so I can get tweets!

My cell will work – if its not hooked up to my work computer.  Which I need to do to sync and charge.  But for some reason the damn thing has a devil of a time accessing the web when hooked up (stupid Tilt).

On the stitching front I actually pulled out Nora’s Letter N and worked on more of the back stitching.  Would love (LOVE) to have it completed within the next week or so.  All I have left to do is back stitch and beads.  No pics yet as not all of the back stitching can really been seen.

Nora’s Letter R got it’s frog pulled during lunch today, where I put up with more ribbing about my old time hobby.  My thoughts?  Whatever!  It releases stress and for me thats worth any ribbing I get!!

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