Monday, August 24, 2009

Still lurking

I have been around lurking in blogs, twitter and fb.

PS Christmas Eve has been flying through the x’s still!  Im almost done and its only been 2 weeks!P1000584

Spent a good deal on it Sunday creating perfect fill parts for the train so I limit looking at the pattern.

Im also playing with making the lead reindeer into Rudolph but fighting it for now.

Other items going on

Fighting summer colds – you know the ones that like to sneak in because Gaia cant make up her mind on if it should be REALLY hot, hot, hot-warm or just warm.  Its really the switch between REALLY hot and just warm that are killing me.  Headaches and stiff necks for me – head colds for D.  So far the kids have been spared.  Not sure if thats a happy or not…

I finally got my hair cut.  It had been since late March and I was way beyond needing it.  So by luck my regular hair magician had time available Sat and I got 5-6 inches whacked.  What a weight!

Homer, the cat, is being a putz – period.  I changed his food a couple weeks ago and he so wasnt happy with me.  Not At All.  Got to the point where he was only eating what was needed to stay living (or so it seemed) so I finally relented and reverted back and while he is eating more, its not near the amount he was before but he is getting back to the pestering when he thinks its food time.  We spent some good time together Sunday as he so graciously shared my (his) chair while I stitched.  Who would think such a large cat could ball up so small!


So other than waiting for PAX, Open beta for Aion, Im just finding a happy spot and adding x’s to whatever project comes out first…


  1. Great progress. I can see why your tempted to turn him into Rudolph.

  2. Wow! I really love the Santa!! This is gorgeous!

  3. Great Christmas stitching. It looks like you will be finished soon.

    Love the photo with the cat. Is he a Maine Coon? Gorgeous coloring.

  4. Love it! I'm really having trouble restraining myself from adding this chart to my stash!

  5. Beautiful WIP! I'm amazed how much you've accomplished in two weeks!

  6. Wow! You are flying through this as fast as Santa on his sled. Heehee! Looks great. I'll have to add this to my list.

  7. It looks so good, I love PS. Homer looks like a very helpful cat.