Thursday, August 27, 2009

BAP stitch type question

I started my LOTR map earlier this year and haven't really brought it out to play this summer (its large and the weather hot :p)

For the most part so far I've done full stitches and wondering if its too late to switch to half

Completed so far


What it could look when done


I could finish Frodo’s face with full and go with half from there.

Its stitched on 18ct aida, all full x’s and I'm doing two strands floss (DMC)

Any thoughts appreciated


  1. I say continue with full stitches. But maybe look at using half stitches in certain places that are the background???

  2. Wow! That will look amazing when it is done!!

    I would stick with the full stitches. Personally, I don't like the coverage of half stitches. Like Donna said, though, maybe it would work in certain areas. It may make the faces pop a bit more.

  3. Maybe you could do the map in the center in half and keep doing full in the border.

  4. Oh my goodness! You are very brave! My mom preferred doing only half stitches (back when she still stitched). They worked for delicate designs, flowers mostly. For something as dense as this, I would stick with full Xs.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, BTW.