Friday, June 12, 2009

Signage question

How do you sign your projects?

I normally just do first and last initial with the year and call it good.  My quandary is now that I’m working on more heirloom type pieces do I want to sign my full name and year?  If so, would I do it at the bottom and possibly on the back so it could be visible when its framed?  If only to help keep the history of the piece as its hopefully passed down (yes I have high hopes :o) )


How do you sign your heirloom pieces?

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  1. I have rarely ever "signed" my work only because I thought it would take away from the piece. What I have started doing though is making a label with all pertinent information: designer, design, fabric, fibers, and my name for stitched by and sticking it to the back of the frame.