Sunday, June 14, 2009

Post-weekend updates

Ive so needed to post stitchy updates!  I spent most of today figuring out the VC silks for Mary Wigham sampler.  I worked off the color conversion Katrina created and shown on Mel’s blog.

Here is my list


Im still working on the fabric.  This project will have to wait a while.

This weekend’s main project has been La-D-Da’s Quaker Alphabet

It was last shown as

La D Da Quaker Alphabet 5-20-09

And I was able to charge through this weekend and add a bunch.

La D Da Quaker Alphabet 6-14-09

Here are other projects that have actually seen the light of the sun :)

Growth Rings

Growth Rings 6-13-09

Nora’s Letter K

Nora's Letter K 6-13-09


Tanglewood 6-13-09

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  1. You've certainly got lots of stitching done this weekend.

  2. Looks like lots of progress everywhere. Glad you got some stitching in this weekend. You made up for my almost non-stitching weekend.

  3. You made a lot of progress on Quaker Alphabet! I think you'll have this finished in no time!!!

  4. Oh my heavens, what a productive weekend! You got a lot of progress to show. I really like the Quaker Alphabet.

  5. You have been busy! They look so good, Tanglewood is lovely!

  6. Great progress pictures. Quite obviously there was some stitching going on during the weekend, lol. Quaker Alphabet is coming along so great.