Friday, June 19, 2009

Coast vacation day 1

Had a lovely drive to Newport today.  Took 1-5 south to Hwy 20 to the coast (from PDX to Albany and then across to the coast for a complete pic).  Got rained on driving over the coast range, cant have a true coast trip without that happening.

Room is nice with large windows facing the beach.  Have access to a good beach for combing.

Ate a late lunch/early dinner at Moe’s.  To me its the icing on the trip.  Cant visit the coast without a trip to the local Moe’s restaurant for their clam chowder! 

Then to finish up today’s outings we paused by a local candy store and stocked up on some local handmade salt-water taffy


We had to make sure we had a good sampling of their wares :o)

Did find a boat (ship?) with an interesting name


so – do they catch a lot or just persistent about catching?

Off to beach combing soon :)

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  1. The sweets look delicious. Hope the holiday os a good one.