Sunday, June 28, 2009

Post Weekend Stitch Updates

Got the camera out and pictures taken.  Not all of these were worked on during the weekend, some only got a pass during the week.

Nora’s Letter K – finished the pink of the K this morning and have the green of the garland 2/3’s done.

Nora's Letter K 6-28-09

Tangelwood – working on pg 3, need to get back to page 2 and finish the peacock and sky for another mini HD

Tangelwood 6-28-09

LHN Neighborhood – Added more to the border and windows

Neighborhood 6-28-09

LHN Needle worker – only added to the small alphabet and not even that much

Needleworker 6-28-09

La D Da’s Quaker Alphabet – mini hd as I completed the alphabet this weekend :o)

La D Da Quaker Alphabet 6-28-09


  1. Look at that progress on all of your WIP! They all are gorgeous and lovely! GO GIRL!

  2. Beautiful project! I like it when I can see a little bit of progress on everything that I'm working on as well!

  3. Any progress is better than none at all.

    And I think you have made tons! And all of it lovely.

  4. Everything is so beautiful, what lovely pieces.

  5. All of them look just awesome, Rachel! I really love the fabric for your LHN Neighborhood.

  6. Things are looking great! I love Tanglewood!