Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just plain lazy

Thats what Ive been lately. Not able to stitch much on the train. Im traveling during different times now school is out and wouldnt you know there are more people crowding the cars? Makes it a bit hard to pull stitching out. I have been getting a bit of reading done and my library card is getting a good workout.

Then since coming home from the sight vacation we had, (just 2 work days for me and D) just too pooped to party (or take any projects out and add x's). Who would think the work-mates wouldnt be able to handle 2 simple days on their own? I knew I would have fun filled days thx to receiving email on my cell (sucks having that kind of tie to work but nice for the warnings before coming back)

I do have a slight update to Tanglewood, quaker alphabet and Nora's K to show as soon as I take the pics. And I just may share some of the books Ive been reading, depends on how wordy Im feeling.

Until next time...

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