Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We’ve got squatters!

Well ok a new family of birds.  We think they are robins but they seem a bit bigger than a robin.  Cant get too close as I dont want to make mom nervous.


As you can see they are well protected from the rain.

Stitch Stuff!

Update on La D Da Quaker Alphabet.  Hopefully you can see the differences in the silks

La D Da Quaker Alphabet 5-20-09

Tanglewood update – moving along great

Tanglewood 5-20-09

And the stain.  Its in the middle of the picture, not noticeable unless 1) you look close and 2) you know its there. 

Tanglewood 5-20-09 a

Me?  I try not to notice it (lol)


  1. Oh, I love birds. We always had a couple of restarts nesting on a beam below our roof. And also this year they started building thier nest but disappeared from one day to the next.
    Nice progress pictures.

  2. She looks like a robin to me. :-) How cute!

  3. Yep, she's a robin. Ours has hatched already. Keep a look out for those little beaks sticking up.

    I like the Tanglewood and I couldn't see a stain. It looks fine.