Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Heart stopping moments

I hate them.  Had one on the way home from work.  Minding my own business, listening to National Treasure (movie) on my ipod and noticed a color bleed stain in Tanglewood.  O. M. G.!!1one!!

Granted its small but I see it.  I am disgusted with myself.  I know exactly when it happened.  This weekend during the SAL.  It was hot and of course what happens when humans get hot?  We sweat!  And apparently I did on non color fast Carrie threads :o(

I took Tanglewood to group tonight and was assured that it could not be seen unless you were very up close (which is true).  Im just sick with myself and may start looking for white ladies gloves to wear while stitching the remainder of this piece…

I will get pics of Tanglewood (including the stain – gasp!) later in the week.

In other stitchy news, Ive been playing with the idea of purchasing some Carrie’s silks.  Ive heard nothing but wonderful things about her silks.  I tried to find a similar color to what Im planning on using for CDD but couldnt find a good match using her conversion with Weeks or GAST.  The color Ive chosen is from Caron, is eye-catching blues (cant remember the name to save my life – its on order atm) and is absolutely fabulous with the garnet fabric I picked out.  I was thinking of doing CDD in silks but may wait til another project.  I have a few colors picked out so I can do some tossing, never know what ideas will come up with that.

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