Saturday, May 2, 2009

Piles of fur

So I went out and finally got Homer a Furminator


OMG I love this wonder-tool!!  Talk about brushing the fur of the cat.  Had enough for a kitten by the time Homer was done letting me brush him


He wasnt very happy with me and hid in his box


I was able to pin him down again and get another large handful of fur before I was told to GO AWAY!  I shall tackle him again tomorrow.  I wish I had purchased this a while ago.  He should be much happier – less fur to swallow and I know I will be happier to have less fur everywhere and fur-balls to clean up :o)


  1. Where can I get a Furminator!? I have two kitties that I could definitely use it for.

  2. If Homer's like my cats it will soon be an enjoyable experience for him that he recognises as a time when he gets lots of attention and fussing.

  3. OMGosh this is soooo cool!!!!!! What an ingenious gadget! And gorgeous gorgeous kitty!

  4. Poor dare you do anything that might be good for him!