Sunday, May 3, 2009

Designing thoughts

While surfing blogs today I came across Ann’s which has a post for a Rosewood Manor Purse.  Now Im not one for flowers and hearts but I thought that this would be great for celtic knots.  Then while doing more surfing for said knots I thought wouldnt CDD or CDT look great on this format?  Hmmm.


Stitchy Stuff

Baby Sampler for Mackenzie is now done.

Baby Sampler - Mackenzie 5-3-09 Finish

Mine all Mine finally came out of time out (bad frog!) and I fixed the issues that caused it to go in time out.

Mine 5-3-09

Ive added a bit more to the wing since this picture, trying to get back in the grove of the chart.


  1. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the purse. Do you have finishing instructions? The clasp thing is intriguing.

  2. Mine All Mine looks fantastic! I love the color you are using for the dragon...much better than the oranges.:)

  3. Great Mine All Mine is back. I love that design.

  4. Mine all Mine is really looking great already! Can't wait to see the progress on it.