Friday, April 17, 2009

John Denver and grandma's feather bed

Its what we have now I swear.

Now for the story:  We went bed shopping Sat right? Found the perfect bed for D (I can sleep on anything, anywhere), paid for it and scheduled delivery of the new and pickup/removal of the old poor thing we've been sleeping on.  Sounds just dreamy.

Then Monday comes

And the bed delivered SO is NOT the one we paid for.  Name is different (as per delivery papers).  All manufacturer patches that should be on the bed have been removed, even the DO NOT REMOVE tag (on pain of the government finding out and burying you in a dark place).  As D is the one chosen to be home for the delivery - thoughts start whirling through his head.  Not the bed I chose.  Looks close.  Not nearly as firm.  Big stain (we did purchase the floor demo but stained?).  No Gov tags, no tags at all.  ??

Call goes out to the guys we purchased from on Sat and they are very apologetic and offer for us to go back Wed to pick out a new bed as the one we wanted (um, and purchased?!) is really not available (or in existence).  Why Wed you ask?  The main sales guy we worked with was off until then.

So - Wed comes, we go back and pick out another new bed.  Still not the one D wanted but MUCH firmer than the plushy, soft, mushy, good lord can I just turn over please, I may need help getting out of this hole I now find myself in, cushy bed we have now.

It reminds me of John Denver's song of his Grandma's feather bed.

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  1. wow! Where the heck did that get that bed from? We just bought a new one some time ago, (I swear I can sleep on the floor and be comfy) and the DH picked it out and now he HATES it! lol...that's what he gets for not listening to me....:-)