Sunday, April 5, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Its been a very busy weekend.

DL turned 8 on Sat. (8 YEARS OLD!!)  My little one is now 8 *sigh

Friday he lost one of his front upper teeth so got an extra gift from the Tooth faerie on his birthday.

Sat D took the boys to Ikea to pick up their new beds.  Full size loft beds and new mattresses, which they started putting together as soon as they got home.

Bowling party was at 2pm and even with the start of Baseball we had a group of 5 to have fun.  One boy had never been bowling before - it was wonderful to watch him enjoy playing.

The in laws came by for dinner (pizza) and cake (chocolate death from Costco) and were tricked into helping finish put the beds together 

After everyone went home, DL and I went to the store as we didnt have full size sheets for him.  Thankfully they had a bed-in-a-bag that he liked.  Got home, washed all the sheets, got the beds made and tossed the kids in bed.

Not a lot of head room left, but lots of floor space to play

Sunday was mostly quiet.  Completely lazy, no shopping got done - luckly there's enough for everyone to get by for lunches tomorrow (great planning on my part) so shopping will get done later.

During Dinner DL exclaimed his other front upper tooth disturbed him (yes, exactly as he said), it was literally hanging by a skin.  I said that unless he was willing to do the yanking himself, he was stuck with being disturbed.  Not 5 min goes by and my quiet is disturbed (haha) by loud hooting and yahooing by DL.  The tooth had popped out.

Now for the poor tooth faery to come by tonight I had to explain that we needed to place the tooth where she could get to it.  DL commented, she's a faery - doesnt that mean she can fly (duh mom!).  I responded "sure she can fly but what if she's my size?  you expect her to fight her way up the ladder and get to your tooth with only 12" fo space to move around?  I think not child"  His smart ass comment back as that he "dreamed" that the last time she visited she was very noisy and he swears he saw her snag his tooth and drop two dollar bills.  "dood, I have no idea what you are talking about" as I rip off a piece of tape for the ziplock bag holding the toothy treasure.  D's gonna get the exchange duties this time :P

Look mom!  No front teeth!

Stitchy stuff
I was finally able to sit back Sunday and get some x's in.  Added more to the baby sampler and have the plane almost done.

here is a pic of Dragon of Fire, not much but I did promise a pic.

I havent restarted Dragon of Earth.  Not sure if I will make it wait til the other dragons in this series are complete or not.

And finally here are the colors for Bethlehem that my sister picked out.  Definitely one for sunny days and not dark nights.


  1. Happy birthday to your son ;-) Hope the tooth fairy made her through the high bed !!! lol He was late at loosing his front teeth. I think Emma and Pierre lost their at around 6 yo.

  2. Yay, for birthdays!

    I understand tooth fairy's have a tough job nowadays!

  3. My mom convinced me, and I've continued the tradition, that the tooth fairy prefers a clean tooth, and so we put the tooth in a glass of water in the kitchen, and she gets her money in quarters. She still really wants it under her pillow, but I reminded her that she's a light sleeper, and the tooth fairy doesn't like to be seen. The lies we tell our children to preserve their innocence!