Sunday, March 1, 2009

Surprise, surprise for me!

Andrea at The Craft Room had a contest for The Drawn Thread's Sunflower Bell Pull and my name was pulled!!  W00T!!  Please stop by Andrea's spot on the web and see how she finished hers.  It is just beautiful.

Stitchy stuff
I was a stitching fiend this weekend.  Lots done on 3 large project.  Im counting Dragon Tulip as a large projects solely on the insane number of color changes!

Dragon Tulip - I know, Ive posted it already this weekend.  Deal :oP

LOTR Map - This was my All Day Sat stitchy project and I believe I got close to 600 x's entered.  Trying to cut through the confetti to get to the large patches on this one.

LOTR - This was my Sun project.  I spent most of the time getting rid of the parked threads.  Ive decided that parking threads just aint my thing.  Just to hard to remember what color was what and where it needed to go.  May work better in a project that doesnt have so many similar colored threads.  Even with just taking care of parked threads I was able to get around 500 x's in today.

Too bad I didnt keep count of Dragon Tulip count - or that could be a good thing if Im not able to keep this amount of stitching up and get depressed and not stitch.  See Downwards spirals are not good!

I found an AWESOME cheat, so to speak, on PC Stitch.  Highlighting of same color x's!  I created both LOTR baps using PC Stitch and Sat found me looking at my computer, highlighting the color being worked on and marking finished x's on my copy.  I finally figured out where to change the color of the grid lines on the screen today (mind blower that was - too much pebkac!) 

I ended the day spending some computer playtime with D.  Started up my WarHammer account again, created a new character as they just added new ones and I had to try them out.

pebkac = problem exists between keyboard and chair

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  1. Hello Rachel. Just want to tell that all your stitching works look so incredible beautiful, and difficult. It's interesting to watch how it's growing with every day.